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We may be a small, independent bookshop but did you know that we have over 6,000 new titles and just under 1,000 quality second-hand books in stock?


We also pride ourselves on offering a speedy book ordering service. We can take orders over the phone, we don't ask for a deposit (or very rarely) and you are alerted as soon as your book arrives.


Make the English Book Centre your special bookshop. You'll always find a warm welcome and knowledgeable staff - so cheer yourself up and pop in today.  We guarantee you'll love EBC and our books!


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Book of the Week!

Born the son of a Billingsgate market porter at the height of the Second World War, the author spent his early life dodging bombs and bullies, both with impish good timing. This book presents a story, which charts the course of his incredible five decades at the top of the entertainment business.

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